Keynote Speech

Wilfried Runde
Head of Innovation Projects, Deutsche Welle

Since the advent of Smartphones and social media services like Twitter and Youtube – to name just the two most obvious ones – content sourced from Social Media platforms or directly from individual users became increasingly important in newsrooms around the world. While providing multiple opportunities for news media organisations to speed-up and broaden coverage of (in particular) breaking news events this kind of “user generated content” or “eyewitness media” also implies several strategical, operational and ethical challenges now and in the future of journalism. As tools and editorial processes constantly adapt to volume and velocity of Social Media content veracity proves to be the most crucial topic in the production chain. “Get it first, but first: get it right” gives a precise view on the importance of verification before actually publishing content. However, the complexity of working with Social Media Content expands well beyond verifying fotos, audio, video or text. Usage rights, privacy, protection of sources and other legal, practical and ethical issues are concerned. This presentation will give an insight on the actual workflows currently in place at Deutsche Welle, Germany’s International Public Broadcaster producing content in 30 languages, and R&D projects of @dw_innovation trying to develop better tools that support individual journalists and newsrooms. It will highlight recent and future research topics in this domain and other Big Data challenges for media.

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